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1.The Powder Room: Good old-fashioned girl talk

 We’re getting pure with our minds, habits, AND spirit; all while having some good old-fashioned girl talk. We’ll have a spiritually packed two-day experience discussing healthy boundaries, the “do’s and don’ts” and everything in between on being a virtuous woman. Get ready to come chat with your girls.

2. Barbershop Talk: Men can be Men

In the society we live in today, men aren’t able to have absolute emotional and social freedom without feeling confined to “traditional” gender roles. The Barbershop Talk session will provide a safe space for men to have an open dialogue on ALL things concerning manhood and what it means to be a Man of God in the 21st century.

3. From Royalty to Ministry Panel: “Started on campus, now I’m fully living for God”

College has the ability to transform so much of your life, you meet people, evolve, mature and discover life on your own. For a few students at Lincoln University, college was the beginning of a spiritual journey that ultimately led to diverse kingdom ministries, impacting God’s beloved around the world. Listen to the 2010-2011 Lincoln University Royal Court discuss the unprecedented journey from college to adult ministry.

4. Millennials in Ministry Panel

Check out the innovative, unconventional Millennials share how they are navigating through life as God’s called, dealing with the pressures and expectations of ministry while still being “trendy”. This session will be excellent for all millennials who believe they have been called to do any form of ministry but have felt defeated, stuck or discouraged along the way, this one is for YOU!   

5.  How to be a Good Steward

Being a good steward is more than money. Join the conversation as we shift our outlook on finances, resources, and giving. You will walk out of this session aware of your financial habits, having the tools to properly budget and soooooo much more! 

6. Young, Saved & Married

So many of us desire to be married, but what does it really take? How can you have a successful and FUN marriage as a millennial? How can God be practically centered in your marriage without feeling overwhelmed? Our panel of married couples will give you a RAW and transparent discussion on the realities of being young, saved and married. 

7. Worship Experience 

Song is an essential part of worship; God rejoices when hearing the voices of his people. Sing, dance, jump, and be a part of a worship experience you’ll never forget! Join us as we praise God through spirit breaking worship.

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